Our Story

At HappiBelly we believe that good health begins with good nutrition and that nutritious food should be delicious food. In 2004 we began this company with the goal of creating meals that would be as tasty as they were healthy. In those days ours was a family-run catering company that prepared and served meals daily to thousands of students at local schools. Over the years, we developed, refined, and improved our recipes to meet our own high standards for a healthful plant-based diet and to meet the approval of thousands of fairly selective, young, and very honest eaters.


The first hint that we might be doing better than even we thought came when we heard from some of the parents of the schoolchildren, the parents told us that their kids would come home and talk about how much they *liked* their lunch at school. Soon after, we began receiving requests to cater events from a wide variety of organizations. All of these people shared a simple desire: vegetarian, healthy food that actually taste good! At HappiBelly we are proud to finally be able to bring you a taste of the recipes we worked so hard on over the years and have served to thousands of satisfied customers. We view this as a part of our continuing mission: To make bellies across the world happier and healthier than ever!

P.S. Thank You Dad, Mom, and Auntie Lydia.