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A lot of us may remember the Food Pyramid which served as a guide for healthy eating from 1992 to 2005. It eventually evolved into MyPyramid, but in June of 2011 the USDA introduced the current nutrition guide—MyPlate! Due to the previous pyramid food diagrams being too vague and confusing, MyPlate was created to better illustrate what and how healthy Americans should be eating by promoting balance, variety, and making good choices.

Previously, the Food Pyramid failed to educate Americans about the difference between healthy and unhealthy fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. Healthy fats are necessary for a balanced diet and can even help increase weight loss and reduce blood cholesterol and sugar. In addition, the Food Pyramid put all types of proteins and all types of carbohydrates into one category without distinguishing between healthy and unhealthy choices.

MyPlate depicts the five food groups—vegetables, fruits, grains, protein, and dairy—and encourages consuming a variety of foods and beverages low in saturated fat, sodium, and added sugars. Being active is also a message that MyPlate promotes. The website is an excellent resource to learn about nutrition and even track your diet. Their SuperTracker tool is an easy and effective way to track and analyze what you are eating and your physical activity. They have an abundance of online information, tools, and tips for nutrition and exercise that is easy to navigate for everyone from children to adults, and even students and professionals.

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The Food Pyramid vs. MyPlate